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Joe_Dirte  44 M
Most of em do
Xx-ChErRyPiE-xX  34 F
To u* yeah I'm good gigs tyfa
BadBadNM  49
I bet 100 bucks stacy don't talk chit to others in real life
Zz420zz  53
No siree
Xx-ChErRyPiE-xX  34 F
Lol nm I think uve done enough for 10 yrs. That's a real long time but up t
billchill  60
don't take any chances...hate everyone
Zz420zz  53
Y'all ain't gonna do your airg time making fun of me
Joe_Dirte  44 M
If we all hid who'd we know who to hate?
gigglefitz  38 F
Slow and steady sooks lol. You ok Hun?
Zz420zz  53
Fine I'm leaving then if y'all gonna pick on me
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