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Cold-punks  28 M
Onlyxme should I ask gems about the rumors myths ?
onlyxxme  48 F
Fire ain't crud.
Tony_T69  33 M
Lol and tell smoke to take a day off from chat
Bourne_Identity  44 M
Yeah leave them alone, they plan on getting married n gems going to tweak :
onlyxxme  48 F
Like huge the difference between 3 **** or 9 inccchhh it's that big a deal
Tony_T69  33 M
Lol u should tell fire not to beat kids only
onlyxxme  48 F
It's a huge deal.
Tony_T69  33 M
Lol it's not a big deal only
nids_  39 
i dnt know where was that coming
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