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Swifty_cent  47 M
Are u 12? Are u a hjomo ? Wat makes u obsesss ova sid this long
Swifty_cent  47 M
U was tellin rg to gine u his kik to send himSids pic right
Hey crash u know wat look better ...hold rg wrap your arms around hi
Zapped___  45
1st gal msg me gets to see the holiday birdv
Jeddy won't show up for some reason 😒
Swifty_cent  47 M
No ima troll u the f outra here like ur boy byron
you just like what oozes out with the cream horns huh Fran lol
Jedd7  58 M
But nope u keep bringing him up !
Swifty_cent  47 M
U afraid of him?
Enjoy it crash
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