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Oranges---  78 M
i will glue mentalcase to the wing and stick you in the luggage lol
Hemsworth_Foxx  44 M
Is it really worth it chester ?
MzEclectic  F
You should come to my Kik rm Menty. I miss yas
Gigglyfizzle  35 F
I've forgotten where Kebul is 🤦🏼‍♀️
Oranges---  78 M
Im getting vaxed next week so can go to my beloved manchester united
Mentalisttx  41 F
Yeah Soppy.. We do.. lol
Goodoleusa  54 M
No its rick the ....
Gigglyfizzle  35 F
Not enough syllables in Tuesday laa lol
MzEclectic  F
Leg couldn't find you on Kik doll
Oranges---  78 M
we cant go we are dirty non vaxed people lol
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