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cherrylicious84  37 F
Lol u mean authentic El? Lol
Mentalisttx  42 F
Ya readin this Mildred.. 🤣
Lil-Rebel-Darlin  46 F
That word is being thrown around in the room a lot
NM lol
CuRvEyGr33nEyEsS  95 F
Well I been around it enough giggz that's how I can
Ink_64  41
Everyone posting autistic
Lil-Rebel-Darlin  46 F
Lmfao I'm sorry
sirsmokealot  49 M
Cold front comin tonight, droppin into the low 50s
Gigglyfizzle  36 F
I think the spectrum is very broad.. not all the same.
Like crazy
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