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im postin too you sin idgaf what postin u need to myob u takin up for next thing u know she gon be clowning ur as n ima ctfu
zemann  59 M
Lota hatchet faced ol hoze bags desperately searching for attention.
sweet-heart7839  40 F
That's good Sin
speech-718  37 M
Robyn sup????
Only fools rush in
Tu_lokito-lindo  35 M
chillin sweet
Tony_workd  97 F
we move in together the first day we met is y things mess up fast
nj-gotemtrippn  29 F
Sweet tart you cant be with blueface until i touch his as
Tu_lokito-lindo  35 M
if she dnt want me in ppl business dnt post it & who postin 2 u
xShaka  31 M
She got 4 pics of the same thing
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