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This my first time posted to him...that's his defence and excuse now
panther1991  28 M
I'ma let you taste these slips known you brokkkeee awxzz mums bout them
You knowim the one u lost too cuz u here to compete
Milk_chocolate68  30 F
I bet Sally sound like a cat in heat singing
He calls people gay for inquiring proof about something trivial but he's the one comparing himself to men and telling people he cuter than the women lmao the irony of that incoherent philistine.
Some men log in posting at other men all day
Letstrythis1  32 M
I need 100$ ok
Redbullove  25 M
heath wuld u do skitz if she agrees
Heath114  29 M
skitz now u lying agaiin but deep down yur foaming from iit
I posted 2 vehicles he can't show me 1
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