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Playboyzizzle  39 M
Shy that's actually not Google images or a catfish
I don't need to know your name I'm not interested in knowing it I'm not gay like you zay
Playboyzizzle  39 M
Only when u zay that's how bad they hate to see a person who buy high price
Geneomac3  44 M
And let the rants begin
Playboyzizzle  39 M
So airg u get to know a ma4ker whole life before u get to know they name
dawg you another bum man.
Playboyzizzle  39 M
U saying u know my living situation when u DNT even know my name
a_model  99 F
@Geneoemax no lol
Playboyzizzle  39 M
Ertime I buy some shy and out it on chat this what I get
Aj_Corrales  17 F
Lol uhhkay Sally I thought u was Puerto Rican tho
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