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beautyheartlezz  42 F
Hello no where in that was it said she said im Kendra
ooSevene  46 M
Trust me El Idolo,he ain't gotta thang 2 worry bout
carmella30  37 F
wedding kash and rick didnt make it out the grave yet how r they married believe them if yall want to tuh pfft
Zezima  42 M
Jason drank himself away
Chrisdon100  39
no on vaca and my youngins playin in the nationals taco taco
chat_bait  15 M
For our fallout is senseless
reda1  40 M
chat_bait  15 M
I’m seeing if you’ll keep it honest which your not cuz your reason
beautyheartlezz  42 F
I just said that cap clones cause I know it
HydreigonCyrus  29 M
sev calm down mane.
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