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socalrob626  38 M
You better support her. She gave you life
Bolda_Is_Rough  59
Fi you know what it is
h3artl3zzb3auti  42 F
She got mad at fi cause they was saying to cap she live with her daughter
Queencap14  94 M
Bolda_Is_Rough  59
Now Fi in this bih..[ Eats Mambo ]
Y'all messy
Queencap14  94 M
Ill enjoy the show later n get to laugh
h3artl3zzb3auti  42 F
I know her airg mind games bolda been there done that
Phat610  33 F
Bolda am i lyn bout u n cap n daughter living roasting
hatersOFNYRM  39 F
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