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milli101  103 F
tnx rw
iLikeDaBendOva  35
extrovertedmale  62
Metalmaiden1  34 F
Goodnight! Peace out!
Rw29  44 M
Sorry milli
Skips thru room ...lalalalalalalalalalala...alalalala
whiteboy-dude  35 M
If I can’t get chic. I’m not gona stalk and clone her. And hate. patheti
xHolly3  27
Other man!"

I stand in slapped by the wind as I begin
Do you know who I am? And many reply with a grin
Yes, I'm tired of being obtruded
Why should I be secluded? I've got a brand new horn to be tooted
To sum it up in a nutshell, "Eminem will you kick it for me?"
So I find myself in a certain obligatory
A place that I dwell in, fell into some wonderful productions
To make up for lost time, and then it brings obstruction
Finally let loose, unloading the stockpile
A mental projectile, I aim at the reptile
I look to the one handed juggler and ask him this
"Why is it you insist upon stepping to an octopus?"
Is there a reason for this? The hindrance is aggravating
How many times will it take you before you realize you're fading?
Fading from existence, cause simulations are dead
There's so much more to learn and pages left to be read
So put up the front while you jam for the grammar that's poor
While I hold the scrapbook that's heavier than the hammer of the mighty Thor
Words can weigh a ton
Therefore it's never to fall into the hands of the wrong one

"Yeah", "It's another"

Very few have made an attempt to put in a foot on the other side
But I see no borderline, from under this colorblind
And some will probably never hold pieces of the sacred
But then I'm finally about to put an end to the hatred
Wrong, the world would never endure to arguing
Awaking to the absence of unity is startling
babygirl371976  43 F
Tu_lokito-lindo  35 M
I know u doin good bg kuz we a ouple
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