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Ebtguy4u  46
chele if u broke down id take u 2 motel 6 & smash ur vajj
Its just a facade and trollisms
MystiqalStar  36 F
Chele0982  47 F
Oh ok Bolda
Bolda_The_Wise  37
Not you Chele. I was talking about that one chic
Daria-sara  22 F
MystiqalStar  36 F
BannedUser_  27 F
Earls not that kinda guy, but use your imagination. That’s all you got
Daria-sara  22 F
 Iran calls U.S. claim of downed drone a big lie🎅🎅
Bolda_The_Wise  37
Coming in here bih about your God is just absurd
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