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H3aRtL3zZ-B3aUtY  42 F
Baby daddy
RhYthEm2RaGGed  95 F
it's a dude that be on here faithfully all the females at school with him and he's been on it a female profile collecting information for men since the Jersey room straight weirdo but everybody think he's thorough
H3aRtL3zZ-B3aUtY  42 F
Ain't no batch here taking my spot ✋
King_Taylor  32 M
Chelle next time ima play some jamaican music see how well ya body whine lo
I got bunch profiles just to talk sheet when I’m baned
I_HIT_IT_G00D  98 M
Jamaican People have good spirits about them very kind & respectful.
H3aRtL3zZ-B3aUtY  42 F
Mz_Creemee  37 F
Chele0982  47 F
Please bow before me
King_Taylor  32 M
Yes I can agree
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