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I dnt fuq with erbody here i dnr even no yall to act like u know me 4 a dis
he paranoid as hell... i thought i was paranoid... smh lol muhfs just luvin it as he go crazy
Real gangsters don't have online meltdowns lol
Bolda_The_Wise  36
You let Trey **** yo girl in front of you and u ain't gone do nothing
Woodjablomi  43
bus & train all they got
pipezillalouie  37
Something ain't right when u can't get a bish from your own city and state
But dude ahs caught a grey hound 4 hours 4 a fat bish
Bolda_The_Wise  36
You acting like a real bih right now nqqa!! I ain't letting that shiet ride
Woodjablomi  43
yeah cus they got no vehicle
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