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that's is not the reason to lock him up model, he should've been locked up when he p33d on the lil 14/15* yo maybe it would've helped robert in the 90s
I’m grateful 4my relationship ppl are still struggling to find sum1toStay
Heath56  32 M
candie chut yur potatoe head upp
xEff_MyEx  101 F
neeko effoff
ImAhSpoiledBrat  35 F
Kool_-Breeze  98 M
hello ladies. I lost my wife to breast cancer two years ago. I'm so sad lonely and miserable I would just like to chat on screen only
Juicee_K  31 F
Lol in friends they're saying the one is bed bound lmao
Lipapi4urpleasur  36 M
Bout to be - 0 tonight
Kool_-Breeze  98 M
hold up! who daf is yu and how tu kno my G name
Hocus Pocus Saith SaiDammith SaiDon Da Da
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