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Kimjongultra  44
Bihh gold cost 1400 a oz
cavon2times  26 M
I knew it was her in them clones....she probably dawg.
Mz_Creemee  37 F
Lol E she dont understand dat language u speaking
Heath9021O  32 M
oddz chill lol
Kimjongultra  44
Bihh I git a real Cuban 20k a chain dat big custom made bout 500k
Da1_YouLove2Hate  31 F
Be nice. But tell these ppl u NOT my Baedad
Truth_hurts_  48 M
100% fxg
Y0u_Aint_Me  39 M
That's fine @ Model and i respect that . But you never had a boo thang or lover or just a friend y'all got along on a intimate level & that's all it was about & y'all had a understanding because it was no attachment wanted from either side?
Mz_Creemee  37 F
He a professional tattoo artist. Money he got
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