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My_Reality_Sweet  30 F
hellô 210 • just speaking
Seven62  88
Olboy elroy allways tampering w/ uglies
jack_pot31  88 M
N there tryna scrub it off bish u stank
that's why u guys are single bc u talk chit
St210st  41 F
it's easy to pick owt the wall flower dudes here who only been with 1 or 2 chicks they whole life ok
jack_pot31  88 M
Heres a clue on how u know yo dude lying ta u if he spending all that time
My_Reality_Sweet  30 F
pimpin • wassup Zay
jack_pot31  88 M
Man yall bishes cant makw us say yall putsee dnt stank
Seven62  88
You can't expect quality pc just because it's good Friday
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