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Chazybaby_00  38 M
Zay brag cause he doing Sheet I did 20 years ago. Think he ballin
Chele0982  46 F
enjoy Ablkm
Hammerhead42069  40
what's up room hmu. add me
pelezay  23
Boy that money in yo pro aint even real tjat sht white as hell
Oudit  43 M
demen begs ougod for a hot island hell but it means higher tax to ougod
souljahz_story_  60 M
& u need friends & all from on here
Ablkm08  40 M
Oh well time to stop bsn and go get work started
Chazybaby_00  38 M
They all live a fantasy life. Nothing real about them!
souljahz_story_  60 M
U need website friends & all
chaz, have u seen the faces of ur kaye,kaye,kaye brothers...thru those derty hoods?
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