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x_Reality_x  73 M
Let's try. Don't troll me lol
makkabro  90 M
Y'all should be helping each other more
QueenSheebah65  36
my daughter pushed me b4 I cold cocked her you not hitting me MF
x_Reality_x  73 M
Wasn't meant to be taken literally
Juicee_K  31 F
Idk I'm tired, just play with my hair
Darla321  46 F
Yeah but he can overpower me
LetstrythisBaned  31
Sup reality cuh, nice hair how I get my like this
makkabro  90 M
Yes Moikey LOL
Times does flies
Juicee_K  31 F
I don't think anybody who feels either of those emotions towards u is on
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