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steve5150A  30
I remember sword fighting with the neighbor kid with our pee pee
TiNa-Xo  23 F
TiNa-Xo  23 F
loOk-itS_biGfoot  28
U get banned faster in here then u do drunk at a pub
Reflectionz_03x  F
Oh Chinny behave your budoo
Chintu4u  33 M
or she will try to fly from the moutain
Chintu4u  33 M
or she will jump to river for sucide
Chintu4u  33 M
i think that she will try to hang on a tree
Chintu4u  33 M
next what kandi will do
Chintu4u  33 M
i dn't understand why reeko rejected kandi
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