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Juicee_K  31 F
So I know u be lying here for here
Juicee_K  31 F
Well based on my personal experience with u Kash u did the same to me lol
IRIE-_-GAL  31 F
U a stalker su
I agree
SewerLove75  44 M
Kokiz-_-  16 F
U got me twisted.. i aint no rookie.. i kno all about ur kind flakes
Juicee_K  31 F
You gotta be lonely to push random folks buttons tho
IRIE-_-GAL  31 F
Ion care who ss me cause everything i said is truth
I want you juice as my mom
Kokiz-_-  16 F
I already got u wrappd up this finga biı weak heffuh.
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