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H3aRtL3zZ-B3aUtY  42 F
I have forty on Facebook I can screen my friend list Mona?
Miss_Nonchalant  31 F
yea lol my bodyguard!
If you drive for lyft ama dissown yo doe
Heeta3ay  24
That's foh RSmooth not U
VTownboy192  29 M
Any ladies wanna play or call?
H3aRtL3zZ-B3aUtY  42 F
Some you batches gots to go
Miss_Nonchalant  31 F
called the niega my body Guard!
sexyndevious100  32 F
Now she mad at her own words smh
Rico_5mooth252  32
Diva you silly
H3aRtL3zZ-B3aUtY  42 F
No the f you not cause I'm cleaning my closet out
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