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Rico_5mooth252  32
Lady-SOft  43 F
Word Mona ur a RN that's what's up
GGFlowerPower  16
No obsession honey boo boo . Carry on.
sexyndevious100  32 F
Im not trying to turn ppl against u ho3...
Miss_Nonchalant  31 F
I wanna fight!
jj143-  33 F
dese broad mentioning dude still on my jack... storytelling bout s that aint happen
StudMcMuffin  99 F
Lol not you, uber. I meant Alexis.
GGFlowerPower  16
I'm 30 miles from it. I use to go weekly. .
sexyndevious100  32 F
Mona u a Rn and instead of saving lives here arguing daily
Miss_Nonchalant  31 F
are u done bae
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