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MiKrO  64 M
Someone please hit him with a feather
Marvinmoore32  61
Oudit  43 M
prison is level 2 boysdogscats level 3 is i shut u
MiKrO  64 M
Oudit U been in prison and dropped the soap and that's y U y talk like that
Oudit  43 M
my job throw men pets under east island u skitzos
LetstrythisBaned  31
vote prison level 3 menpets
Oudit  43 M
using changing my words like a little men pets cloner
welfare_oudit  M
ouditmoron posts like schizophrenicdits
MiKrO  64 M
I vote for throwing U to the dogs and cats of Newfoundland
Oudit  43 M
i am action too if u morons vote for me
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