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GreenBanned  22
Ehhh he likes her a lot Earl lol
BDRick_9x3  35 M
Same Naz nun special happened to me today
BeyondUrMental  100 F
I'm the vibe, I'm the leading vibe....😌🎢
GreenBanned  22
Kuya thats so weird shes a child ... thats not acceptable
Bliszed  99 F
Yw 🌺 Ty
BeyondUrMental  100 F
I'm the crown...😌🎢
GreenBanned  22
Ty Kandi you too🧑
Earlyd63  58 M
cardi tell her to not come over
Just f her directly greeney baby lol..
msnycgyrl  39 F
Nah its still hot
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