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IQ-247  45 F
Who of you is currently raining children?
Robyn I got u scared to use you front door doe 😂😂I recorded ur aunt house
IQ-247  45 F
CuRvEy-CoNt0uRz  95 F
Eggplant is good
CuRvEy-CoNt0uRz  95 F
What me and Charlie do wasn't yr buisness that's up to him to tell u
IQ-247  45 F
Sounds like a soap opera lol as the airg turns 🛞 lol
my wife made us eggplant soufle, I gave it to the dog, ion eatSht ok
Earlyd63  59 M
no ms Dodgers
PrVt_DaNcEr717  48 M
Llf cheapest 🐔 left..the 🍗..nïggér U Po Dawg😆
kathkathy0011  34 F
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