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Back 🙄 N I'm hi'd up
sum days I feel sorry 4 sum of u ppl, other days I say, f em dey asked 4 it
Loco-kidd  101 M
Condo 👀
Condo_apartment  100 F
God will bless me with way better a man who respect a good woman
I wish I would act stupid ova i nicka when I can get a new 1 easily 💅🏽
Condo_apartment  100 F
That bhh got a whoe man. Arguing with someone who help you OUT
Sally ..u too old to be this stupid ova a chat man lol
Rico711  38
Melissa sean Crystal u can cry outside idgaf your pathetic lmao
Condo_apartment  100 F
Is a lot of stuff in my life that I can't get over and I'm not going to get
Condo_apartment  100 F
But the facts that he mail that bhh its over for me ..SHE NOT THE ONE
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