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jj143-  33 F
the-real-mona sn is all rob tranny catfishn adz
He d same mf dat worked a profile of a white lady pic sayn his wife
Dinothebody  56
Kneegrow women using system rather than work
King_Taylor  32 M
Zez why ur hood got white outline? U kopy and pasting again? Lol
shiiiid im about to call my other white lover heath got me started LMAO
Zezima  42 M
Ultra you can't find a woman five as mine you bonehead alien
Dinothebody  56
Kneegrow men abandoned dey kids
He lie no woman marry no jobless bum fat walk
Heath64  33 M
Gg likes dem wrinkle blls
Kimjongpocket  38 M
No a man can't Egypt. How would we know
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