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Playboyzizzle  39 M
Erbody who post at me fakes a issues I DNT even post at u is that the issue
a_model  99 F
my daughter came and left she was here for only 3 days lol
Aj_Corrales  17 F
He’s a chomo
Woods_of_chaos  103 F
Playboyzizzle  39 M
Yeah stop posting at me gay ahs ugly bish
Aj_Corrales  17 F
It’s in da 40s rn
AJ he probably wants to f you he thinks your 17 after all his ex Lexy was about 14 when zay at the time 30 sumn molested her
Aj_Corrales  17 F
Brb shower time
Playboyzizzle  39 M
I DNT won't yo attention at all wtf
Geneomac3  44 M
Rant rant rant
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