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Milli I Just Pretend To Be Interested Lol Cheer Boo Or Hiss When Prompted
darkgotbanned  41 F
I’m surprised they got internet in the shelter
MzShakeLoose79  42 F
Or put together a proper sentence
You ain't going no where in life u sittn around miles away admiring me🦃🤣
DreOG  46
Schase  23 M
You better chill before somebody swipe ya scootaround old man.
MzShakeLoose79  42 F
I wonder does she know she can’t spell 😭😭
You an yo sister live in yo moms apt u have nothn of your own🤣🤣🤣
milli202  101 F
ahhh dang cy so u gota pay attention🥱😵
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