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he talked all this sh last night bout his triflin as babymomma n how he happy they not together n he never goin back... but thats not what just saw on ig
Chele0982  46 F
you dont work in center city do you black?
GReeneyesz  33 F
No they need leave him alone... id snitch too if they was smashing my baby mama making her throw up the set after each strizoke... im.telling kn everybody
Chele0982  46 F
lol you can just throw it in my car black
BlaCk_DiNeRo  33 M
Lol green hush
robin gone on with all that General Hospital drama, Hollywood has given us enough of that s for a week or 2 ok
jblaze614  34
Who wana call me
horrorfan1966  31
GReeneyesz  33 F
what about dinner
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