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fakemf  106 M
so please stop wasting your time posting a bowling hamburger
King_Tay  36
Lmao rolls GG4 with this hot grabba 💨💨💨💨
All women should know how to cook, clean and have xes
ThottiePippen3  31 F
Chile Dr Heavenly’s daughter so…. Aggravating
fakemf  106 M
my old apartment was worse than a shelter
SOLOtaireKing  32
Gotta take it back to wen losers weren't tryna act like winners 😆
kidfrmqueens  98 M
That new shaggy song a bop
fakemf  106 M
😎👈 of course I know how to cook how stupid are y'all?
ThottiePippen3  31 F
😭 just stop talking to me
King_Tay  36
I sumtime put my burgers in the broiler at the bottom of the stove
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