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money-makn-mitch  48 M
Hard as ah mfer angie son goin get on sum how sum way
shez-unbreakable  35 F
no im not but you are.. in clones
eberybody used to have my number dawg... now nobody has my number.. fool me.. once....... fool me cant get fooled again
ion want yo math beava, get over me ok
Zezima  41 M
Brat you're always here
speech-718  37 M
This explains why they chasing str8 guys it all making clear sense!
Diva-Status  45 F
He trying hard Nathaniel
shez-unbreakable  35 F
youll never find out ..
MzShakeLoose79  39 F
Lol the nerve .. This dude cant talk bout any1s looks ever
money-makn-mitch  48 M
lol @ angie son tryn get on
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