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Talking about you look better than real black queens
Alright im back 😭
Sevcere  92 M
If ur usin' pics of women tht r not u,how do u talk about other women tho?
How_ilookma  62 M
Lol the wig twins✋💥⚡💥⚡
SINdntGAF  53
Ntm Robyn just hear observing sum dude in his head just cuz they put on che
photo-user  44
Carlos you still in the forums role playing family mate
Boy go sit in time out....
Bonkers82___  40 M
And use regenerative stem cells for you wussy
St_Eli  42 M
hmmm guess not, sucks to be us...right gang?....
Rai got that whole Private Ryan haircut under wigs and cheap makeup
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