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Rodney why is it yu jus hea all day every day jus sitting hea doe?WHY?
chrisdadon555  85 M
Lol u broke mf u aint goin nowhere but the pub
xShakax  32 M
Juicee_K  31 F
Lol always fighting in here
castle94  39
badfeet I have no problem finding u I'll fly to new York & kick yer arse
chrisdadon555  85 M
Ye lad type of goofy language is tht
kingdawgjr1  54 M
& ye Irish ladies must go back to ye European or Ireland rooms ok
xShakax  32 M
chrisdadon555  85 M
U adrunk
castle94  39
yes I'm Irish lad what the hell are u
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