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NiseThisNiseThat  38 F
U met her from here twon lol
King_Taylor  34 M
killt this summer rain beat. lol light
He been in a toxic situation with Thad girl for years
You can't expect love to fix a toxic person nise u feel me
Kimjongpocket  39 M
Never have I ever said "aye throw that drake on"
msnycgyrl  39 F
Nise how long you been with him
NiseThisNiseThat  38 F
I was so inlove i would of sucked him off all night if he wanted me 2
Chrisdon100  41
AmillioMillzTwon  99 M
I'm staying away from her. Got me out here simp'n smh
That shd go girl 👍
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