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Dinothebody  56
Watching movie with his sons that he see once every other week
sweet-heart7839  41 F
Awww, Quality time with the boys 💕
King_Taylor  32 M
HoldenMcGroin  64
Niners almost lost it with that PI penalty but kittles don't quit
My kittys name is Sushi
Certified_Steppa  59 M
Rocz head 2 top authority * fast lane
King_Taylor  32 M
I'm good just getting home sweetheart bouta watch a movie with my sons
HoldenMcGroin  64
Feeling the 86 vibe with white snake on
thekisableone81  38 M
That was such a good game thought saints would win
Dinothebody  56
I can tell you what taylor is doing= nothing
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