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if u return you'll die if you didn't return you still die so?? die only..haha exits..
XDitsalexDx  25
A basket ball team wants me to play for them in jersey idk tho
ooSevene  45 M
I nd 2go hit up Coach Penny & c if I cn get sum free Foams
XDitsalexDx  25
My friend body part was all over she died young
Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
Ok im out dnt no if ill be returning today ✌
ShjfT_Faced  98 M
tAlENtO-dE-BArIO  33 M
GreenBanned  20
Lmaooo Faced ..ship em over
tAlENtO-dE-BArIO  33 M
Mizz_Creemee  36 F
Yes very sad
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