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jrdaboss81  32 M
I've had T-Mobile 7 years and not once have I got a phone with airg on it
Zezima  42 M
AirG was out before all those other apps airG is almost 20 yrs yoyo
Yoyo got the leather belt round his scunion lookn like nba drew Gooden
UselessMortals  29 M
dawg don't worry your precious airg not going nowhere yet.
Another One Of My shyness when I Was Younger j.s
UselessMortals  29 M
do they even still have a support line?
And Dont Mind To Do That For The Both of them
dun be mad coz I pointed owt how ridiculous u look talkn bout BETTER apps yet u still on Airg!!! smh
UselessMortals  29 M
gram snap and WhatsxApp are making 10x the ad revenue in cash airg make. what money is airg making?
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