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Why u mail me
Adiktiv3  41 M
She told him keep it moving now he tryna find a phone number
Adik whoever did your hair don't give a fock about u
ImAhSpoiledBrat  36 F
Oudit though
Adiktiv3  41 M
Lol mami
ms_egypt  34 F
MOVIN.....either way im good...i get offered digk OFFLINE CONSTANTLY so uh
Diva-Status  45 F
Yeah I definitely never seen or heard his music
sexyndevious100  32 F
Im glad i found a real airg man....oudit taking me places
ms_egypt  34 F is wrong with these men? Dont like me? Its simple KEEP IT MOV
Adiktiv3  41 M
Egypt tell him go fhimself
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