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Smuthblu2  43
chrisdon89  37
Nique hahahahahaha
sexyndevious100  31 F
Zay was loving this country accent
Ablkm08  40 M
Yall ppl is crazy
Roww1  48 M
if its Sunday, its sewer Sunday entertainment sponsored by airg lol
MzShakeLoose79  39 F
Awww man
chrisdon89  37
begging hard leaving vmails
ImAhSpoiledBrat  35 F
We be on the phone I start yelling he be like umm are you done
imsopolo  25
kingdawgjr1  54 M
5 years I been "knowing" irish & not 1 time has he EVER had a vday gf, xmas event, tgiving w/fam, friends, NY eves date, barbeque dates or ANYTHING but airg!!! dmh what sad life
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