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I_HIT_IT_G00D  98 M
You be like (you motha ****ka ) then minutes later AWWWE AWWW SHHHHIT
Letstrythis1  32 M
Fresh fade nomesayin
reality_check-  30 M
he has no passport or bus fare
liddoTiller_  32
Bess Fran
Reeko_5mooth  33
If they was scared to be messy they should not have logged on airg
liddoTiller_  32
reality_check-  30 M
I_HIT_IT_G00D  98 M
Yeah we did it lasted 5 minutes & then clothes came off
I've been to Asia, they are pathetically desperate for American men but reeko? come on now nobody should be that desperate smh
Curious204  38 F
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