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Jim-Lavine2  31
Jim-Lavine2  31
2 retarded looking kids
fionna34  36 F
IM FAT IM UGLY YET I HAVE TWO KIDS n married wtf u have noting 😂😂🤣
Jim-Lavine2  31
He was doing bad dwugs in his teeth fell out
FlightRisk22  99 M
I was sick af still moving around a lot
Guess them crops hvnt come it yet
Nyc fulla germs anyway smh
FlightRisk22  99 M
Y'all be laying around letting covid make u miserable lol
cam-b-on-1  31 M
People should brush more
CUrVey-CoNtOuRz  99 F
We talking about how I still can't taste twon
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