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Kcidgib1  30 M
Yes kokiz i agree
Gene's not hima yall germs genetically altered
GorjuSSexy-3lly  29 F
yo I'm dying lmfaooo yall out yall minds I swear
who sounds like a valley girl?
Kokiz-_-  16 F
lezzzprn.. droolz*
wheelchairman1  99
all us cripples role play u brain dead stupid mfs out 4real lol hahaha
Queencap5  45 F
Now the mad posts oh boy
ooSevene  46 M
Pimpington didchu evr say watcho aszzz was n my city 4 mane?
this is why I changed my number and deleted k1k ppl on here only ever hit me up for airg bullsh-- and never a Hey how you doing Carlos nope same old he said she said blah blah
Maybe Cracker Barrell Changed Its Menu Since I Been Last
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