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Putting a burger in the oven maybe boiling a burger technically
SOL0taireKing  32
Cam your kinda cute in my honest opinion
MarKUSHx  37 M
Sally stop telling your business
ThottiePippen3  31 F
Your food gray and unseasoned 😭
fakemf  106 M
I'm about to make baked spaghetti and bake corn cornbread
King_Tay  36
Homeboy esquire 🤣🤣
KingCam777  32
Mind is more important than money lol
SOLOtaireKing  32
Gray till today
fakemf  106 M
👈😎 I was just improvising my old apt was infested with rats all over
SOLOtaireKing  32
Rich girl made up a story and believing herself.. you never called my food
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