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He mad he thought cuzz was ah fish,Waveyworld told him njxo was real
xShaka  31 M
Zay smelling his own mom panties that's why he weird n fuggd up
Phat610  32 F
Zaydont make me cuz u da f out i will cuz u da f out over shaka
zayfresh  32
Make this work 4 me im that real
niagarafallsbad1  42 F
Hey Shaka I love them...They're food is bomb!
zayfresh  32
U cant fool zayzay im one of the real one i dnt need nobody on here to
Phat610  32 F
Shaka aint sean shaka aint sinner u dumb az mfer
diva-banned  99 M
queencap  20 M
xShaka  31 M
Zay was abused growing up
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