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Ebtguy4u  45
nae u donating to his go fund me?
yes i had to go collect my dough from my hose darren.
uhm Irish, chaz talked to yo naeman on the phone ok
nAe4eVeR  52 F
Lol irish
whiteboy-dude  35 M
Mixed. Hello even tho u ignore every1
Oudit  44 M
Jesus is gaylord of menpetsdogscats most of bible is changed
Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
U dnt gotta explain to these ma4kers Why u been on here
i want some hotwings a pitcher of long island iced tea and two beers... but i dont drink anymore
darren-69  34 M
Ah congrats robyn nice vacation was it lol
Ebtguy4u  45
dawg start a go fund me account on air g...get ur power back on
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