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NiNa-GoT-CuRvEs  93 F
Night dimpz sweet dreams ❤️🌹🌹
Sshhh_xo  102 F
Goodnight Ninz 🤗🤗❤
Dawg are u slow old age hitting u hard lol
JohnnyKnows  41
Dawg is just here to spread his nigativity
Ban wasn't long enough, I'ma permaban u & see next time ok
NiNa-GoT-CuRvEs  93 F
Worry bout ur girl being in the dirt 🙆‍♀️
Dawg it takes 2mins to create new pro are u slow old man?????
JohnnyKnows  41
Dawg wont even show a real pic of himself
My name Jeanine an I touched a 5 year old boy last year I like little boys
Markfish12  29 M
& u didn't see dawg ok
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