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UZA scary z faggggie u a thumb gangsta..u scared of me
CuRvEy-CoNt0uRz  95 F
I never knew Tommy when I delt with Charlie now do the math in ur head
Earlyd63  59 M
lol ms Dodgers
Earlyd63  59 M
Kathy y u dye ur hair that red lol
Robyn I recorded ur aunt house I should put it on utube 😂😂
CuRvEy-CoNt0uRz  95 F
Exactly it's not for honkies blacks eatit too mf u eating it 😭😭
IQ-247  45 F
You guys must be sharing the same Egg Plant lol
Blackheart6six6  37 F
Lolz good one, Earl
kathkathy0011  34 F
oh poo
Earlyd63  59 M
oh ok iq
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