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RobynRiRiWatson2  53
Oh 😳 Darkboo
keephatingondark  42 F
Yeah I was talking 2 dre then someone want to be 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like come on
BeAsT-_-MoDe-_-  46 F
Call me Hubby
Rico713  51 M
U have idiots saying same stupidity for years
BeAsT-_-MoDe-_-  46 F
Well I cane in like you wanted but I got a few things to do
Watchin the room l2m 👀
Pancakess  33
Yes i knew better 😩 now im at work tired dragging a$$
RobynRiRiWatson2  53
Oh 😕 somebody's side posting you
Rico not been caught yet
F u n wat evry1 else think bout Dre 😎
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